We offer swift services from prime banks MT 799 MT 199 MT 760 MT 103


Performance Bond For Commodities:

Bond issued by a bank or other financial institution, guaranteeing the fulfilment of a particular contract.



Accommodation Letters of Credit


In certain cases we can arrange accommodation letters of credit for our clients. These are special letters of credit which do not require the client to put up collateral. Clients only pay the opening charges. This type of LC is very useful to open to suppliers in countries where banks will issue packing credits to assist the supplier in financing the shipments.


This type of LC is particularly suitable for two trade finance cases:


• 1. Our client plans to settle outside the letter of credit (negotiate shipping documents without submitting to the LC issuing bank) but just needs to open the letter of credit for the supplier.

• 2. Our client's bank will not or cannot open a letter of credit but where the bank is willing to settle the transaction if shipping documents are submitted.

USD 20 M. Bank Guarantee issued by Deutsche Bank, and all prime banks



With this financial instrument you can achieve true credit enhancement. You can bridge a financial shortage, you can trigger a loan and you can back-up project funding.


What we can do for you:

We can arrange this bank instrument in the amount of USD 20,000,000.- issued by Deutsche Bank. Your preferred verbiage is considered.


What do you need to qualify for this cash backed bank guarantee or Standby Letter Of Credit:

You need to have a credit line arranged in your bank.

Your bank will have to be ready to provide funding against the receipt of the instrument.

You will have to have the SWIFT and bank fees available in cash in your account to obtain an individual offer and contracts.


SWIFT and bank fees (USD xxxxxxxxx.-) will have to pay the transmission fees to start the transaction. The institution arranging the instrument will send the instrument via SWIFT to your bank, once these bank fees are made available to us.


The leasing fee has to be paid only after SWIFT transmission, receipt and verification. Your bank will have to agree to pay the leasing fees (10% = all fees and broker commission included, one year with the possibility to extend) against delivery, receipt and verification of the instrument only.



(1) You provide a Preliminary Application (answer all questions listed below) together with your proof of the availability of USD/EURO xxxxxx- in your account, freely transferable.

(2) We provide you with our offer and contracts to be checked by your financial advisor, your lawyer and to be approved by your banker.

(3) Once contracts are signed, and SWIFT and bank fees are on escrow, the instrument is

emitted by SWIFT MT760 with hard copy delivery to follow.


If a pre-advice is required, it can be issued via SWIFT MT799.


Your Relationship Manager will be pleased to answer any further questions. We look forward to your Preliminary Application.




We make it possible for you to open a SBLC OR BANK GUARANTEE FOR 1YEAR + 1 DAY for your project. This instrument is cash backed and your bank officer must confirm our text and bank obligation for our fees in writing.

Such Instruments Can Be Verified And Confirmed Bank To Bank. When The Pre-Advice Is Issued We Shall Give You Also A tracer And Answer Back To Download The Instrument. 

Your business success depends on having the collateral available when you need it.  The global banking crisis showed once again how critically important it is to have access to capital.  We can accept and create a paltform to trade with the SBLC or Bank Guarantee to secure genuine funds for your business. You must always negotiate with your bank about best collateral you can present to them to create the facility you need. This instrument will be for 1 year + 1 day with better rates for 12months during the darkest banking days.


Let's assume that you just got an order from your customer, and you need to open a $250,000 bank guarantee to your supplier quickly.  You know that your bank will require substantial collateral to issue the BG for you.  You've hit your credit limit, have other deals working, or are under-capitalized, so you don't want to miss the business, but you are out of options.

That's where we come in.  We will arrange a Bank Guarantee or SBLC for 12months, days (more or less, as needed) for a nominal amount, generally, set up fees and charges.  We will expect you to speak to your local bank to write to us that they are behind your project and business and are prepared to issue the SBLC or BG which we will give you a draft text and is Non-negotiable text from our funding bank.




The funding credit facility is coming from prime banks in Europe.  Because of the way they are structured, you will not have to put up collateral, or provide personal or corporate guarantees, but be able to provide a BG or SBLC as per our own text or agreed text and the we will give our term sheet for you to agree and sign and we will give you a window time for the transaction to commence.